Haunted by memories

= YT
= December 7
= Singapore
= geasnyt@homtail.com
= Sagittarius
= Chef
= Birthstone-topaz
= Finished O's
= Bored
= Singtel o.O
= kid
= two eyes
= jellybean
= crab
= dog
= cat
= whale
= nevermind, just typing crap =.=
= St Gabriel's sec school


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Those who were there for me

PRIVATE BLOG!! ^.^ (Too bad)
yani =D
Jing Yi-Very kind, nice girl =P
Carine :)
Eudea-ang moh xDDDD
Beatrice xD
YY-Ying yan :D
Wen Li-Happy girl :P
Kristie xiao jie xD
Jing ni ma'am o.o
Wen Qian
Jun jie sir =D
Joan ow ma'am
Hong Yi sir!
Gene Leeeeeeeeeeeeee xD
Eugene tan~Senior ;D
Jessica chien yee
Audrey :P
Amanda-Mandy Pets xD
ChewY en :P
Emilyn o.o?
Hwee Hwa- HH ;D
Jasmine~~ :p
Shi hui- Shh girl
jesssssslyn =O
Hui ying- smiley face :)
elias o.o
darren[twilight made him like this]=D
Eugene Lee O.O
yankai :P
aaron james, the best shithead EVER!
yu ying~ :]
Jeth Ho!!!!! xDDDDD!!!!!
Esther YEO ma'am :D
Daniel+A=DanielA ma'am! ;P
Serena :D
angel! *halo*
Ah xuan o.o

Console me

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Just finished chem tutorial :]
gonna ask jie to teach me math at night/tmr ;p
ahh tired D: i want to sleep T.T

Low Yang Tse was haunted by memories on 6:57 PM.


wahahah! Havent blogged in a while.
Happy cny to all! x0
spent the first 2 days of cny collecting ang bao!
3rd day rushing to finish tutorial for chem and math D:
anyway this year got lesser people D: lesser ang bao T.T
haha, somehow, this year dun have the thrill of getting ang baos anymore x]
but it's nice to count the money! $.$ long day tmr, schedule ends at 9 D:
Friday PE at 3.30 o.O sigh :/

Low Yang Tse was haunted by memories on 8:34 PM.


Had cny celeb in school today :]
played with marcus's tennis ballz in the morning and headed to LT5
went to meet canaan and we played l4d2 for a while
then headed to school :]
met ryan, joel, alson, and titus.
ate laksa with everyone and homed :]

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Camp was awesome, with fantastic OGL's and new classmates! :]
haha, everyone seems friendly :]
look forward to sharing moments with them all!
bah :x

dead beat :/
tmr project rice, gogo!

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Stop thinking about such stuff!
stupid me :/
gng camp tmr, hopefully can keep my mind of it

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I wrote a long post.
But i just backspaced the whole thing cuz no1 was gonna read it anyways.

Low Yang Tse was haunted by memories on 9:03 PM.


ahh, what a tiring day :]
woke up in e morning and brought luffy to the car for grooming at 10am
then went to nyjc.
After that headed to campsite and did rehearsals for POP!
wow! i think we did quite well, accomplishing something this good in such
a short amount of time! (:
cabbed back with jun yi
now super tired :p

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